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Everyone has a green V badge. How can I get one?

I got mail.

Google will end support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Unauthorized, mislabeled Microsoft support tool leaks; could cause more trouble than it cures

Use your 1080p monitor as 4K monitor in Linux

If you need output resolution higher than your monitor's native resolution, you can use xrandr --scale.

For 4K resolution on full-hd monitor:

xrandr --output <monitor> --scale 2x2

If cursor is trapped in 1920x1080 area use --panning with target resolution:

xrandr --output <monitor> --scale 2x2 --panning 3840x2160+0+0

List monitors:

xrandr --listmonitors


xrandr --listactivemonitors

How I install Debian-based distros on USB drives in Virtualbox:

0. Make sure you have Oracle's VM extension pack installed.

1. Create a VM. without virtual HDD.

2. Mount installer ISO to VM's optical drive. netinstall images work too.

3. Attach USB drive to VM.

4. Boot VM and run install. Your USB drive should be visible in disk partitioning and bootloader configuration views.

To boot from your USB drive in Virtualbox VM, check this guide:

Any good Linux-compatible bluetooth USB dongles?

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